The Soul of Deepdiva

Me? Well I’m just simple kinda gal with her own thoughts about the world. I’m also a woman who loves herself too much to follow anyone else’s standards. I’m coming to terms with being myself with no qualms. I try to be honest and compassionate at the same time. I can be goofy, moody and downright sweet depending on what time of day it is.


* Being myself

* Black lesbians

* Reading

* Writing

* Traveling

* Chillin with friends

* People watching

* A good book

* Baking (it relaxes me…)

* A long, deep kiss

* Sleeping in

* Mama’s fried chicken

* Music with passion

* Scrabble

* Singing and/or thinking in the shower (get my best ideas there)

* People who get me

* Spooning

* People who tell the truth…


4 thoughts on “The Soul of Deepdiva

  1. Well seems you are lost….I probably would undersatnd that…coz my best friend is just the say living your life..I was scared initially but have now tried to accept the fact that its ok

  2. Hello deepdiva,

    I see that you’re going to ATL pride this year. It’s weird how I came across your page. I was doing a random search online for an itinerary of the lesbian events going on during ATL pride and I ended up on your blog. Anyway, I’ll certainly be down there for Atlanta pride and I’m quite excited about it. I’m staying at the host hotel in mid-town. Where will you be staying? Well, I realize you don’t know me from adam so I will understand if you don’t respond but if you’d like to please holla back. I love meeting new people.


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