Divalicious Divas: White Girl Edition

I can’t say that I’ve been attracted to many white women. Nothing against  fairer-skinned women, but I prefer the mocha, caramel, and burnt sienna hues of my fellow sistahs. However, these ladies have made it on my Divalicious Divas list, and can either get it or could hang out with me.

Christina Aguilera. Recently separated, the songbird is now free to be with anyone (or woman) she chooses. And I kinda like that she’s acquiring more “curves,” ones that were made much ado about at last Sunday’s American Music Awards.

Joss Stone. The voice alone qualifies her for this Divalicious Divas distinction, but it doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous, intelligent and strong-willed. Serenade me with Spoiled anytime.

I.love.Diane.Keaton. Her talent, her quirkiness, her ability to wear a tie and look good. Put her in any movie and you’re guaranteed to get me there. I’ve been digging her since The First Wives Club, and fell in love with her watching Something’s Gotta Give. Olderwomansexy.

Jane Lynch is also on my radar. I’m more attracted to The L Word version of Jane than the Sue Sylvester caricature seen on Glee.

Be my Giada De Laurentiis at Home, why don’t you?

Asshole though she is, Whitney from The Real L Word is somewhat hot to me, but she would be worth a drunken romp only.