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The Soul of Deepdiva

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Me? Well I’m just simple kinda gal with her own thoughts about the world. I’m also a woman who loves herself too much to follow anyone else’s standards. I’m coming to terms with being myself with no qualms. I try to be honest and compassionate at the same time. I can be goofy, moody and downright sweet depending on what time of day it is.


* Being myself

* Black lesbians

* Reading

* Writing

* Traveling

* Chillin with friends

* People watching

* A good book

* Baking (it relaxes me…)

* A long, deep kiss

* Sleeping in

* Mama’s fried chicken

* Music with passion

* Scrabble

* Singing and/or thinking in the shower (get my best ideas there)

* People who get me

* Spooning

* People who tell the truth…