Deepdiva Update

Judging by the lack of comments around here, I guess there’s been a little love lost. But I’ve been trying to take care of situations on my end that require me to be away from the computer more than I want to. Here’s a little sample of what’s been going down:


Apartment Search: Well, I found one. Surprisingly, one I really like. And it wasn’t even my first choice. It was actually one on the bottom of my list. But when I took a look at it, it immediately felt like home. Oh, except for the very large cockroach staring at me on the sink counter (apparently they just got through spraying for bugs that morning; I haven’t seen another one since, by the way). Despite the auspicious meeting, I love my two bedroom, one bath haven. If  I could only find time to get it in order, which leads to…

Sister’s operation: I had just moved, was finally feeling good about getting my house together, and I find my sister is in the emergency room with excruciating pains. After much discussion and attempts to find a cheap flight in less than 24 hours, now I had to now pack a bag and prepare to take a last-minute flight. It’s all good, cause my sister is out now and doing a whole lot better. It was worth it to be around her especially since I see her twice a year. She made it through with flying colors and is home resting comfortable. I’m on my way back home tomorrow. What really helped through this time was…

My friends: I must say, my peeps came through for me. While I was waiting for the plane to take off, I sent a mass text message explaining that I was leaving at the last minute. Within seconds of that message, one of them was calling. The others sent messages back, saying we were in their prayers. I’m glad because as soon as I got to my layover in Atlanta, I found out my sister had to have emergency surgery. Their calls this weekend meant a lot. Another person that meant a lot, of course…

LeBron: We’re still plugging along. As a matter of fact we’re celebrating our seven-month anniversary.  The relationship has its issues but none is perfect. With my apartment issue settled, things have been a lot easier. It’s just hard being without her. Except for my sister’s illness and her dealing with her own family issues, things are straight. It’s just a matter of trying to balance our time and figuring out where we’re headed. In due time, everything will become clear.

Other than that, life is still divalicious. I’m getting ready to take my nephew for a walk later.

Yes, life is truly divalicious.