Yep! Wanda's Gay!

Not that it comes as any surprise to me, but Wanda Sykes has recently come out. She says because of the recent passing of Proposition 8, she had to speak out by proclaiming herself as a lesbian.

“Now, I gotta get in their face,” she said. “I’m proud to be a woman. I’m proud to be a black woman, and I’m proud to be gay.”

She was at a gay rights rally in Las Vegas on Saturday, where she told the crowd, “You know, I don’t really talk about my sexual orientation. I didn’t feel like I had to. I was just living my life, not necessarily in the closet, but I was living my life. Everybody that knows me personally they know I’m gay. But that’s the way people should be able to live their lives.”

I am proud of Wanda. My gaydar was way high on this one, coupled with the fact you never saw her in dating men. I’m also glad that she opened herself up to her fans. Maybe that will inspire other black gay celebrities to come out. Hmm…Queen Latifah, anyone.


I Kissed a Girl…

It’s hard not to like Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl, her ode to bi-curious experimentation. A monster summer hit, It’s catchy, it’s flirty, it’s girl-on-girl action. And who doesn’t love that? I find it hard not to sing along to the chorus, reminiscing about my own lip-locks from past.

Cause one thing Katy doesn’t do is give the kiss of a woman justice. It’s more than a cherry-chapped-sticked wet dream of a young girl’s fantasy, at least for me. It’s the feeling of soft lips on yours, a warm and inviting mouth, while touching the supple curves of her body. It’s also how I found the passion I’d been searching for all my life.

When I first decided to jump into the lesbian dating pool, I did what most women-seeking-women do: place a online personals ad. Yahoo! personals was the place to be then (especially since it was free in those days). I got a few responses, most not worth my time; lest I forget the girl I met who wanted to me to come back to her place, even though she had a live-in girlfriend.

Yet in those ghastly responses came the one from “Daisy,” a woman whom I seemed to have so much in common with. Both us intelligent, goofy girls with sensitive, no-nonsense attitudes, our first time exploring our lesbian desires. We clicked from the start, and spent most every night getting to know each other better.

After a while, Daisy and I decided our first date would be a movie. This was, of course, dependent upon if we liked what we saw once we met. (Pictures can be deceiving.) I met Daisy at a neutral spot on our campus, waited for her and we both broke out in smiles upon spying each other. (Yeah, she does look like the cutie from the photo! :-).  Fears relieved, Daisy and I embarked on our date.

Fast forward to later, and Daisy and I are sitting my car, chitchatting and not ready to go home yet. We’re talking. Finally that awkward moment comes when it’s time for the kiss but who makes the first move? Daisy leans in, and at this point, I don’t remember who asked who, but the kiss happens.

My first kiss with a woman.

I feel her full lips on mine, and I think how soft. Our lips part and I think she tastes good. I wrap my arms around her and I want to feel more. All the while in my head, I believe this kiss is it. This is what I had been waiting for. I had never felt this way kissing a man. Daisy’s touch was unbelievable.

Of course we had to stop, or things would have gotten out of hand in my vehicle. Let’s just say the windows were a little foggy. That night I went home dreaming of more kisses like that one — and from that day on I’ve had my fare share (not too much :-).

Now the kisses are not about experimentation, but for love. Like with Lebron I feel the same tingle, but it’s heightened because of the “in love” factor.

I’m far from curious anymore.

R.I.P. Girlfriends (Sept. 11, 2000- Feb. 11, 2008)


It’s over.

Eight years of love and fights, boyfriends and husbands, lovers and friends. It’s official from the CW Network that Girlfriends, the longest running show on the channel, has been cancelled – without fanfare and without a proper season finale.

The last show aired Feb. 11, and most didn’t know that it would be. According to the network, to produce a series finale would be “too expensive.”  And Girlfriends isn’t worth this? In the grand tradition of African-American sitcoms without a deserved send-off, such as Half & Half and Living Single, Girlfriends seems to be quietly hushed off the air. It makes no sense.

In honor of their eight hilarious, thought-provoking and sometimes sad years, I’ve compiled a list of eight moments in Girlfriends history I loved:

Toni gets chlamydia: This episode took the cake. It seemed like the first time an African-American show, particularly with an all-woman cast, talked openly about having a STD. The women are very frank about discussing this issue, especially Maya, who responds in her famous catchphrase, “Oh, hell no!” Toni learns she has chlamydia, which she got from a sexual partner who was not her boyfriend, Greg. Toni encourages Greg to get tested, but discovers he doesn’t have it. Very refreshing. (Season 2)

Joan and Toni Fall Out: Too much drama ensues when Joan breaks off her long-time friendship with Toni – more than once. It goes wrong when Joan tells Toni’s boyfriend, Greg, about Toni’s engagement to another man. Then Toni sleeps with Joan’s boyfriend, Sean, for revenge. Joan sees a therapist; Toni barges in on her therapy sessions. It just goes on and on. But they always manage to find a way back to each other (even when you’re not sure why). Their friendship is real because we all have a friend like Toni, as much as we hate to admit it.

Maya writes “Oh Hell Yes”: From a D+ graded class essay, Maya turned her thoughts into a best-selling book, “Oh Hell Yes.” It’s a motivational thought piece filled with her wisdom and ghetto speak that she originally sold in her cousin Ronnie’s hair salon. With Ronnie’s help, Maya eventually gets a major publisher interested in the book and receives a $25,000 advance. It leads to a three-book deal and Maya finally quitting her job to become a full-time writer. (Season 4)

Joan confronts Reesie: In one of the more memorable “serious” episodes, the girls’ college buddy, Reesie shows up. Apparently Joan is shocked that Toni and Lynn are still speaking to her after Reesie steals Joan’s boyfriend, Brian, all those years back. Joan is still bitter and holding on to her grudge, but soon changes her mind once she finds out Brian gave Reesie AIDS. Instead of being mad, Joan realizes she’s lucky because that could have been her. We find out four episodes later that Reesie has died. (Season 3)

Lynn’s wigger sister comes to  town: Lynn’s sister, Tanya, visits to celebrate Lynn’s adoption anniversary. Adopted into an all-white family, she was always considered an outsider. Tanya wanted to make sure Lynn didn’t forget her roots and adopts the black culture herself. The girls are shocked at her black mannerisms – except for Maya. But it all goes to shit when Tanya utters the n-word during a Jay-Z song at Ronnie’s hair salon. You know it’s about to be on when Peaches starts waving his hot comb. (Season 2)

Joan and William..finally: After five seasons, we finally get to see Joan and William as a couple…finally. You’d think it was a good idea, but it was disastrous. They were unaffectionate, awkward, and even more disturbing to watch. Especially the episode they were to finally get it on…and couldn’t. So sad, cause in the words of Toni, “You might as well go lesbian if you can’t make it work with William.” (Season 5)

Maya meets Rev. Al Sharpton: True, true and more true. Maya is greeted by Al Sharpton, who is a client of William – and does everything unprofessional in the book to get him to read her book, “Oh Hell Yes.” After asking him whether he relaxes or has a press-and-curl, Sharpton gives William some advice about putting Maya in check; he says he would never have someone with her behavior stand in the way of his progress. Maya is then put on probation by William. (Season 5)

Lynn falls for Sivad: Lynn, the more “promiscuous” of the foursome, meets a poet who is celibate, and tells him she is also. Of course, he knows she’s lying, but the two continue a relationship anyway. Lynn agrees to Sivad’s lifestyle at first, but it becomes apparent that she can’t handle it when she continuously asks him for nookie. It ends, when, after nine months of not getting any, Lynn finds out exactly what “the thing” is Sivad’s been hiding. (Season 4)

Honorable mention also goes to Toni for never remembering the name of Maya’s son, Jabari (Jumanji, Gymboree, Jujubee, Jabooboo).

I will miss Girlfriends and I only hope it’s going to get the finale it deserves. A clips show is not enough to say goodbye to four friends I truly felt were my own.

If you want to do something to save the show, please sign the petition at

A fallen Star will rise again

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few days, it’s common knowledge Star Jones got “fired” from The View last week.

Or rather, her contract wasn’t going to be renewed for this fall. Which basically meant Star was out of a job.

The controversy erupted when, after being told she would not be on the show anymore, Star told the whole world (or The View audience, anyway, that she’s leaving the show–and not on her terms. Her boss, Barbara Walters, was not pleased…especially because it was done a few days before she was actually supposed to announce it.

So now, Barb is upset that Star told the truth.


If my boss told me he was about to fire me, would I stick around in a job he didn’t want me in? I think the way she was “fired,” they just expected her to just roll over and say ok. It was reported that Barbara Walters told Star that “whatever story you want to make up,” she would back her up.

Okay, so you wanted her to lie, to cover up the fact that she was let go. As Star said on Larry King last night, don’t you think people would find out the real story?? And then Star would have to deal with the controversy of being called a liar. Cause you know somebody would have said it.

Star did the right thing, telling the audience the truth, even though it didn’t come at the time they expected. It was her way of taking back the humiliation of being let go, her way of letting no one determine her destiny.

I’m proud of the sistah.

She still needs to gain some weight back, but I’m proud of the sistah.

I Heart Laguna

Ohmigod, I am so into MTV’s Laguna Beach right now!! Yeah!!!

It’s this real, like, TV show with, like real kids living in the real Orange County, and like, they’re rich and stuff, and they are always, like, backstabbing and bitching about something. Totally cool, you guys.

How’s this for reality….I’m 27 years old and find myself addicted to Laguna Beach. I think it all began when I was bored one weekend, and there was absolutely nothing on TV but this show on MTV. Ashamed to say, I got caught up in the Jessica-Jason madness. Since then, I’ve been tuning in every Monday at 10 to see these spoiled white kids.

It’s like one of those guilty pleasures you hate to admit–but love to watch.

Which Girlfriend Are You?

Tonight is the season premiere of Girlfriends (9 p.m.), one of my favorite TV shows (besides The L Word and The Golden Girls). Joan, Maya, Toni and Lynn are the epitome of Black womanhood. They are sexy, intelligent, independent (well, except Lynn) sistahs doing it for themselves. I think all of us, whether gay or straight, can identify more with one character or another, but all of us have a little bit of each one in us. Let’s look at the Girlfriends, shall we?

Joan: the ever-present mother figure. She’s the one who takes care of everyone’s issues and ignores her own…although she has gotten a lot better about confronting things. Joan broke out on her own this season, quitting her job as a lawyer and becoming the owner of a restaurant. I’m proud of her. Now if she can only get this thing with William together. You’re a Joan if you are: compassionate, thoughtful, self-sacrificing, and conservative

Maya: the around-the-way girl with a heart of gold. She’s the no-nonsense chick who tells it like it is, even if you don’t want to hear it. Maya’s heart’s been broken but she has a resilience that speaks to the woman in all of us. I’m glad she’s back with Darnell, her ex-husband. You’re a Maya if you are: sassy, demanding, sweet and sour.

Toni: the pampered princess. Toni has many faults. Many, many, many faults. She’s bossy and pushy, but one thing Toni doesn’t allow in her life is failure. Because of it, she may push people away and demand the best. You’re a Toni if you are: bossy, a perfectionist, a diva.

Lynn: the flighty ho. Okay, maybe not a ho, but Lynn has definitely been around…a few times. She changes direction more times than a Greyhound bus. But she is always there when the girls need her. You’re a Lynn if you are: indecisive, flighty, spontaneous.

So which one are you?