Who is Deepdiva?

What can I say about Deepdiva? There’s a lot words I could come up with. Compassionate, aggressively girly, moody, nosey, down to earth, conservatively liberal, a lover of books, procrastinator, trustworthy, cute as a button. All these are me but it still feels like I could add more. As a woman in my 30s (which I hate to admit), I’m coming into my own. This blog chronicles my life and where I am at that present moment, but everyday is a journey for me.


3 thoughts on “Who is Deepdiva?

  1. Hey, it’s too bad you are not twittering these days. Intelligent LOCs (lesbians of color) are not easy to find! 🙂

  2. Hey I stumbled upon your website. I liked it. I look forward to reading more of it when I get time. I’m being rude I should introduce myself… my name is Katherine…I’m a 32 year old stud. So you know I got this website I ‘m gonna be throwing around, but in your spare time could you look over it. It’s http://www.tiptopwebsite.com/katherine31

    You should really try to keep this posted its good reading… to me anyway. Good Day.

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