I Kissed a Girl…

It’s hard not to like Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl, her ode to bi-curious experimentation. A monster summer hit, It’s catchy, it’s flirty, it’s girl-on-girl action. And who doesn’t love that? I find it hard not to sing along to the chorus, reminiscing about my own lip-locks from past.

Cause one thing Katy doesn’t do is give the kiss of a woman justice. It’s more than a cherry-chapped-sticked wet dream of a young girl’s fantasy, at least for me. It’s the feeling of soft lips on yours, a warm and inviting mouth, while touching the supple curves of her body. It’s also how I found the passion I’d been searching for all my life.

When I first decided to jump into the lesbian dating pool, I did what most women-seeking-women do: place a online personals ad. Yahoo! personals was the place to be then (especially since it was free in those days). I got a few responses, most not worth my time; lest I forget the girl I met who wanted to me to come back to her place, even though she had a live-in girlfriend.

Yet in those ghastly responses came the one from “Daisy,” a woman whom I seemed to have so much in common with. Both us intelligent, goofy girls with sensitive, no-nonsense attitudes, our first time exploring our lesbian desires. We clicked from the start, and spent most every night getting to know each other better.

After a while, Daisy and I decided our first date would be a movie. This was, of course, dependent upon if we liked what we saw once we met. (Pictures can be deceiving.) I met Daisy at a neutral spot on our campus, waited for her and we both broke out in smiles upon spying each other. (Yeah, she does look like the cutie from the photo! :-).  Fears relieved, Daisy and I embarked on our date.

Fast forward to later, and Daisy and I are sitting my car, chitchatting and not ready to go home yet. We’re talking. Finally that awkward moment comes when it’s time for the kiss but who makes the first move? Daisy leans in, and at this point, I don’t remember who asked who, but the kiss happens.

My first kiss with a woman.

I feel her full lips on mine, and I think how soft. Our lips part and I think she tastes good. I wrap my arms around her and I want to feel more. All the while in my head, I believe this kiss is it. This is what I had been waiting for. I had never felt this way kissing a man. Daisy’s touch was unbelievable.

Of course we had to stop, or things would have gotten out of hand in my vehicle. Let’s just say the windows were a little foggy. That night I went home dreaming of more kisses like that one — and from that day on I’ve had my fare share (not too much :-).

Now the kisses are not about experimentation, but for love. Like with Lebron I feel the same tingle, but it’s heightened because of the “in love” factor.

I’m far from curious anymore.