Middle of the Night Randomness

HPIM0479.JPGThis is gonna be one of those random posts, I can tell, cause it’s 2:25 a.m. — and I’m not sleepy yet.

This is quite unusual for me because usually I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Most times in the middle of my 11 p.m. episode of Sex and the City. By the time Carrie’s contemplating her famous question, I’m answering my call to sleep.

Lebron’s quietly snoring away while I type. Yes, we’re still going strong after almost 11 months. Hasn’t been easy, I tell you. Getting use to living with someone never is, especially since I’ve never done it before. I was always use to visiting one woman or another’s apartment, with she not having to worry about what I look like with the everyday Haines underwear, without the beauty of my matching bra-and-panty sets. Or having to realize that I’m a real woman who takes has to spray air freshener in the bathroom sometimes. Real as it is, it’s me. I can be dramatic and annoying sometimes, that’s simply the Diva in me.

Even a Diva has her moments of imperfections.

Other things I’ve found out since our cohabitation. I make a damn good girlfriend. Hmmm…something I should have known before now, you say. Well, sometimes you don’t. I guess it’s one thing you realize when you feel yourself giving a lot more in relationship than you ever have before. This relationship feels different so I’m giving it more care than I have others. I feel complete, not because of Lebron, but because of how she makes me feel.

Okay enough mushiness.

Like my T-shirt? It’s from a gay bookstore in Atlanta dubbed Brushstrokes, a place me and my good friend frequent whenever I’m in town. Since the clientel is mostly gay men, I’m sure this shirt was meant for a more effeminate man, but I think I look far better in it. Especially with some tight jeans. Yum!

Well, I better get to bed. If not, I’ll be nodding off at work (more than I already do). Toodles.

And next time I won’t make it so long between visits.