If this doesn’t give me hope, at least I can look at little Judy from Family Matters. Enjoy!!


I Don’t Need a Resolution


I’m not one to make promises I can’t keep–which is one reason why I don’t like making New Year’s resolutions. Sure, I could say “I want to lose 40 pounds” or “I plan to write a blog post every day,” but I’m more realistic about resolutions.It’s not about making a list, it’s about living day by day, knowing the things I have to in order to be a happier, more productive person. Here’s my non-New Year’s resolutions list:

A. Lose as much weight, naturally, as my body and my girlfriend, Lebron, will allow. (She likes me the way I am).

B. Clean up that nasty thing called credit card debt, card by card.

C. Look into buying a house by the end 2007.

D. Write a blog post once a week. I can’t promise anything more than that, as much as I’d like to. Writing comes easily to me, but the daily grind of posting every day will kill me. So I’m starting with something small.

E. Make sure my friends and family know how I feel more often. As I grow up, I have figured out who my true friends really are, and family has always been priority for me. I want them to know that they are truly important and necessary to my life.

F.  Live my life and be happy, with no regrets.

Looking back over 2006, I can say that I’ve grown quite a bit. Some situations have changed me for the better: starting a relationship with Lebron, receiving a promotion at work (of course with more responsibilities), realizing that life doesn’t get any better than what you make it.

And with resolute faith, I can truly say 2007 promises to be a better year than the last.

I Love Studs; Studs Love Me

tasha.jpgI love studs.

The masculine yet womanly paradox she presents is heavenly. Most of you might know her as the tomboyish girl you grew up with that never quite “seemed right” or the butch-looking woman sporting Timbalands and a short fade at your job. These examples are all her, and for a femme like me, she has just the right mixture of aggressiveness and sensitivity that I find extremely sexy.

Now, here come the questions…

If you date a woman who’s masculine, why don’t you just date a man?

Why use a dildo, when a live dick will do you better?

Don’t you miss men?

What does she have that I don’t?

All of these questions amount to pretty much nothing. It’s hard for people to understand that just because she looks hard like a man, that she’s still a woman. And just like I said here, it’s not so much about the dildo than the woman it’s attached to. If she’s working it out and we have a connection, it’s a beautiful thing. It all goes back to the misconception that a lesbian’s identity is attached to what she does in bed, not what kind of person she is.

We’re more than just what meets the eye.

In any relationship, there’s always a masculine/submissive matrix involved. Someone is always the more dominant personality, while the other tends to be more passive. That’s just the truth of it, whether it’s a male/female or female/female affair. In my case, a stud provides me with that forceful swagger that makes me swoon and allows me to let her take control–but she also realizes her strength in being a woman that can also transcend the comprehension of any man.

I love that.

Did I say that I love studs? Maybe you didn’t hear me.


Just ask Lebron, my current flame, who is all stud. She wears the pants–literally. A loose jeans, Polo-shirt wearing tomboy whose bark is worse than her bite. As her woman, I keep it feminine cause that’s the way she likes it. We balance each other out. Though I see nothing wrong (at all) with femmes, I could never see myself with woman like myself. I need that dominance, that strength.

There’s nothing like it.

Or like her.