Christina, My Hero: 10 Reasons Why X-tina's No Skank!

Christina Aguilera is no skank!!!

Yes, she’s been called many a name over the years…skank, whore, dirty, no dirrrty…

And maybe she called for it. Anyone remember the assless chaps she wore so naughtily or the Rolling Stone cover that only required one piece of wardrobe, a blue guitar? Yes, we remember these things so well.

Through it all, the one thing I admired about her was that she never apologized for any of it. Through her deepest and darkest place, Christina pulled out a side of her that made the world take notice and she wasn’t ashamed to say it. And she doesn’t regret any of it.

This week, Christina delivered her latest CD, Back to Basics, and has basically “cleaned up” her act. She’s more demure than devilish, more sweet than sour. And I love it. Her CD has been the only one I’ve been listening to this week. I love her power, her inner strength and her golden pipes.

But she’s still Christina.

So this is why I’ve compiled this list of reasons why I love Christina Aguilera.

10. She’s not afraid to take chances. With Back to Basics, Christina goes out on a limb: a double CD full of retro, jazzy, numbers instead of using the regulatory thumping basslines? This new sound of hers could have alienated her fans used to the same ole pop hits. But she manages to make something old sound new–and it’s paying off. Ain’t No Other Man is a smash. And the rest of the CD, even with it’s homage to an old sound, is full of beats–just not ones made by the hot producer of the moment, ie. the Neptunes.

9. She’s intelligent. Don’t let her outrageousness fool you. This girl has a head on her shoulders, one that knows what’s good for her. Christina’s been through a lot in her young life, and it’s taught her well.

8. She never let any obstacle get her down. Backstabbers, scheming managers, so-called friends…Christina’s been through it all. Growing up in an abusive household, Christina persevered, leaning on her music to get her through rough times. It’s certainly paid off.

7. She manages to remain fresh. Anyone that can go from a teen queen, a goth princess, to a jazz ingenue and successfully conquer them all, has got my vote.

6. She’s found love. Read or hear any interview lately, and all you will hear Christina talking about is her new husband, Jordan Bratman. He’s the love of her life, someone who made her believe in love again. After being in so many failed relationships, she’s finally found a man that loves her unconditionally. Congrats!!!

5. She can sing her ass off. No one will argue that Christina can’t sing. That girl does things with her voice that defy the laws of sound. I don’t know where a voice like hers comes from, especially out of that 5’1 frame. Yes, I do…it comes from deep inside her soul. Eat your heart out, Britney!!

4. She fights for the rights of all women. Can’t Hold Me Down is more than just another song from her Stripped album. It’s what Christina truly feels. She believes there is definitely a double standard regarding women in this society. So she speaks her mind, saying we’re not whores and treat us with respect. Awesome!

3. She channels her feelings into something beautiful. All that she’s been through comes out in her music. Everything she feels is produced through song, including BTB‘s F.U.S.S., where she lambastes Scott Storch for his fucked-up attitude. You go girl!

2. She’s sexy. That girl, her voice, her confident attitude…what more could a lesbian ask for?

1. She never has regrets. Even her phase as a teeny-bopper singer, with the likes of Britney, Jessica and Mandy, Christina doesn’t regret. She says it made her whom she is today. If it wasn’t for Genie in a Bottle, there would be no Beautiful or Ain’t No Other Man. Just like Christina, I live my life with no regrets. Everything teaches you something and nothing is in vain.


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