Whatcho name is???

I’m wading through my daily email, when I get confronted with a serious question from some random man whom I hardly know.

“So why you call yourself Deep Diva?”

I get asked this question a lot, mostly from smart asses or men who find the double entendre of Deepdiva alluring.

The mere fact that a lesbian is named Deepdiva can erect endless possibilities for dirty old minds. Think about it: a deep diva, one who dives deep for the pussy…

So where did this name come from? I hate to disappoint the masses that read this blog (sarcasm!) but it’s really just a name I created to point out how “deep” I am, and the “diva” is just who I am. But a down-to-earth kind of diva, really.

You won’t see me pulling any Mariah Carey histrionics when my water is lukewarm when it’s supposed to be ice cold. That’s not me, although that’s not to say I don’t have my moods. But I find myself to be a simple kinda girl who wants the best for herself, no questions, and woman who loves herself too much to follow anyone else standards. If that makes me a diva, then so be it.

One of my friends told me, “You ain’t no diva.” I guess that was a compliment to my thoughtfulness and sincere attitude (or at least that’s how I take it), but I had to challenge her. Cause what is a diva???

A goddess; someone who knows herself and is confident in her abilities; a woman who doesn’t back down from challenge, but is secure in her femininity.

That’s a diva.

That’s me.


The Soul of Deepdiva

Me? Well I’m just simple kinda gal with her own thoughts about the world. I’m also a woman who loves herself too much to follow anyone else’s standards. I’m coming to terms with being myself with no qualms. I try to be honest and compassionate at the same time. I can be goofy, moody and downright sweet depending on what time of day it is.


* Being myself

* Black lesbians

* Reading

* Writing

* Traveling

* Chillin with friends

* People watching

* A good book

* Baking (it relaxes me…)

* A long, deep kiss

* Sleeping in

* Mama’s fried chicken

* Music with passion

* Scrabble

* Singing and/or thinking in the shower (get my best ideas there)

* People who get me

* Spooning

* People who tell the truth…

No Woe is Me…

Don’t worry, this won’t be one of those woe-is-me, can you help a sistah find a good sistah kind of rants.

Those have gotten so tired.

But I do want to say that love has eluded my life for a while. Just when you think you’ve captured it, the darn thing slips from your hands.

I’m proud of the relationships (or semi-relationships or simply friendships) that i’ve had with women. all of them have taught me the power of being myself and not settling for anything less. Every woman has taught me something, whether she realized it or not.

P taught me what real love is and what it can do.

M taught me not to settle for second best.

T taught me to not be afraid of what’s right in front of you.

L taught me that everything that glitters isn’t gold.

N taught me that just spending time together, with out going out at all, can be fun.

K taught me the power of friendship, that you have to be friends before lovers.

Another L taught me the bond between sistahs can’t be broken, even if you haven’t talked in a while or haven’t even laid eyes on each other.

And Deepdiva was taught that everything from your past makes you who you are. And will become.