A fallen Star will rise again

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few days, it’s common knowledge Star Jones got “fired” from The View last week.

Or rather, her contract wasn’t going to be renewed for this fall. Which basically meant Star was out of a job.

The controversy erupted when, after being told she would not be on the show anymore, Star told the whole world (or The View audience, anyway, that she’s leaving the show–and not on her terms. Her boss, Barbara Walters, was not pleased…especially because it was done a few days before she was actually supposed to announce it.

So now, Barb is upset that Star told the truth.


If my boss told me he was about to fire me, would I stick around in a job he didn’t want me in? I think the way she was “fired,” they just expected her to just roll over and say ok. It was reported that Barbara Walters told Star that “whatever story you want to make up,” she would back her up.

Okay, so you wanted her to lie, to cover up the fact that she was let go. As Star said on Larry King last night, don’t you think people would find out the real story?? And then Star would have to deal with the controversy of being called a liar. Cause you know somebody would have said it.

Star did the right thing, telling the audience the truth, even though it didn’t come at the time they expected. It was her way of taking back the humiliation of being let go, her way of letting no one determine her destiny.

I’m proud of the sistah.

She still needs to gain some weight back, but I’m proud of the sistah.