Deepdiva’s Divalicious Divas of the Moment

I love this girl! Although she may not be on your radar right now, America Ferrera is a fiesty, full-figured Latina who’s rising to become a big star. I’m sure you’ve seen her in movies and television like this spring’s The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And not only that, she’s pursuing a degree in both drama and international relations. And I love a hermana lista (translation: smart sistah).



Ooh, Bre is my girl. I turn on America’s Next Top Model just to see her (and Kim, the gay girl.) She’s a diva in the greatest sense of the word, and her walk is fierce. I haven’t seen spunk like hers since Eva from two seasons ago. And that Harlem accent, ooh, she could speak that in my ear anytime. If she got down with girls…it’s on!


One thought on “Deepdiva’s Divalicious Divas of the Moment

  1. Girl… I wasn’t feeling you with the whole Bre thing… but after tonight’s episode I am feeling Bre. She ain’t hot like Eva Pigford but she alright.

    Now Eva.. she my baby’s mama…

    I love her!!!

    it’s me your twin 🙂

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